Thursday, February 23, 2012

Open Access Journal: Human Origins

Human Origins
Human Origins is a British-based peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal dedicated to human origins research and Palaeolithic archaeology. Funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, we offer a broad and interdisciplinary emphasis on Palaeolithic archaeology as well as primatology, osteology, evolutionary psychology, ethnography, palaeo-climatology, geology, anthropology and genetics (phylogeography).

We are currently inviting submissions and welcome short interim reports from the
field (1000 words), medium-length discussions (3000 words), and longer research
contributions (6000 words).  If you are interested in submitting to Human Origins please read our submission guidelines.

Human Origins Volume 1 – 2012
papers from the British Academy Lucy to Language: Archaeology of the Social Brain Seminar Series on Palaeolithic Visual Display

edited by Dr. James Cole and Karen Ruebens

The Importance of Conveying Visual Information in Acheulean Society. The Background to the Visual Display Hypothesis
Pages 1-23
John McNabb

The Identity Model: A Theory to access Visual Display and Hominin Cognition within the Palaeolithic
Pages 24-40

James Cole

Hominin Tool Production, Neural Integration and the Social Brain
Pages 41-64
Derek Hodgson

Rethinking Phylogeny and Ontogeny in Hominin Brain Evolution
Pages 65-91

Fiona Coward and Matt Grove

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