Thursday, February 23, 2012

New from the Griffith Institute

Norman and Nina de Garis Davies Theban Tomb Tracings Project*
The Griffith Institute has now completed the project to identify and digitize over 1000 tracings made by Norman and Nina de Garis Davis in Theban tombs in the early twentieth century. These tracings were too fragile for consultation and therefore unavailable up until 10 years ago when the whole collection was rehoused and a systematic digitization programme initiated.
This important resource is now available for consultation on the Griffith Institute website
High resolution scans of all of the tracings are available, for further information please email:
We would like to thank everyone involved with this project, especially Ms Jenni Navratil and Dr Hana Navratilova for the long hours spent photographing the original tracings and subsequent digital editing, and Dr Jaromir Malek for his direction and patience.
Over 1000 tracings by Norman and Nina de Garis Davies of scenes in Theban tombs are now available on the Griffith Institute's website Consult the catalogue and tracings

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