Thursday, February 23, 2012

New From Trismegistos: A New Survey of Greek, Coptic, Demotic and Latin Tabulae
K.A. Worp, A New Survey of Greek, Coptic, Demotic and Latin Tabulae preserved from Classical Antiquity. Version 1.0 February 2012, Leiden / Leuven 2012, 78 pp.

This freely downloadable publication provides a new survey of inscribed wooden boards from Egypt and the East. Excluded are mummy labels and related texts, various wooden objects carrying inscriptions, carved rather than inked texts, and Arabic, Aramaic and Hebrew boards. It has an appendix on wooden tablets from the West (which we are currently integrating into Trismegistos as well). The order is alphabetical according to the modern toponyms of the collections in which the tabulae are preserved.

This is the second instalment in the TOP-series from someone who is not working directly for Trismegistos or one of its satellite projects (although Klaas Worp is one of the most active 'outsiders' sending us his most welcome corrections on a regular basis). Trismegistos Online Publications remains available to all as a peer-reviewed series aiming to provide freely downloadable pdf-documents with scholarly tools based upon or providing links to the Trismegistos database.
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