Saturday, January 14, 2012

Searchable list of 250+ Open Access Archaeology Publications

Doug Rocks-Macqueen writes the very interesting and useful blog Open Access Archaeology. See in particular his posting this week:

Searchable list of 250+ Open Access Archaeology Publications- Journals, Reports, Etc.
Journal Search: Use the drop down menus below to search for an open access archaeology publication . If we are missing a journal from our database please let us know. This journal list is also the list of the journals searched by Open Archaeology search engine (a few additional websites not listed here, but are not journals, are included in the search).

Note- some of these publications have rolling walls, were you can not access the most recent issues, of a few months to 5 or more years.

2nd Note- This database is embedded in the page which results in part of it being cut off in your view. Scrolling to the bottom of the database you will find a scroll bar that will allow you to view all of the database.

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