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Open Access Journal: Arheološki vestnik

[First posted in AWOL  26 April 2010. Updated 16 January 2012]

Arheološki vestnik (Acta Archaeologica)
ISSN 1581-1204
Arheološki vestnik welcomes contributions referring primarily to the south- eastern Alpine, northern Adriatic, and western Balkan regions in the prehistoric, classical, and (early) medieval periods, with the main emphasis on Slovenia and neighbouring lands. Contributions are also welcome from those fields of natural science that illuminate the history and archaeology of this area in interdisciplinary projects.

Arheološki vestnik is the central Slovenian archaeological journal, which publishes contributions according to criteria similar to those of Germania, Gallia, Acta Arch. Hung., or Britannia, for example. Whether considerable in size and scope or quite brief, the editors will only accept MANUSCRIPTS THAT HAVE NOT BEEN AND WILL NOT BE PUBLISHED ELSEWHERE IN SUCH A FORM. The editors recommend that the articles be written concisely. All submitted manuscripts will be sent out for review.
Bibliographia archaeologica Slovenica selecta (BASS)
Our intention is to present a continuous review of archaeological literature by Slovenian authors and a selection of foreign publications dealing with the Slovenian territory and materia, divided into four parts. The first part comprises publications by Slovenian authors abroad, the second part is composed of publications by foreign authors, relevant for Slovenian territory and material, while the third part includes works of Slovenian authors published in Slovenia, excepting the basic archaeological publications (Arheološki vestnik, Arheo, Varstvo spomenikov, Documenta Praehistorica, Annales) till the 60th issue. The last, fourth part includes short reviews of recently published archaeological monographs in Slovenia.
BASS for:

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