Friday, October 21, 2011

Open Access Journal: Iris Online

Iris Online

Iris was the Classical messenger goddess, darting tirelessly between worlds; the ancients often drew and wrote about her as a rainbow, or as moving on a rainbow, full of dazzling colour. The Classical world is brimful of colour – its art, stories, religions, buildings, music, thoughts and ideas – so vibrant that our world is still coloured by them to this day. The project has been named after Iris, since like her, it is a messenger between the old and the new.

Iris magazine online is The Iris Project's outreach web presence. It contains a broad and eclectic range of material, including artwork, fiction, case studies, reviews, outreach ideas and articles on a wide variety of Classical topics and authors, presented in a fresh, modern and engaging style. Submission details and back issue ordering information can be found on the site. The editors can be contacted through this site, and welcome all enquiries and responses; they are also happy to provide feedback at any stage for material.

We also now run a junior version of Iris magazine called Iota, which is a colourful and engaging termly publication designed to complement the key stage two material on the Romans and ancient Greeks.

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