Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Groningen Papyri Online

Papyri Groninganae

A collection of 127 fragments of texts written on papyrus arrived in the library in 1926. Financial support for this acquisition was received from Dr J. Enschedé, The Hague, a lawyer and alumnus of the University of Groningen, and of the ‘Groninger Universiteitsfonds’. The papyri were purchased through Prof. Wilhelm Schubart of Berlin University, who bought them with a dealer in Egypt, and they were mounted by Dr h.c. Hugo Ibscher, the famous papyrus conservator in Berlin. The initiative to enrich the library with such a collection was taken by Antoon G. Roos (1877-1953), professor of ancient history and Roman antiquities at Groningen (1916-1947), former curator (1904-1906) and librarian (1906-1917) of the university.

It is not known where exactly these fragments were found. In a few cases, the texts inform us on their provenance: no. 5 is from Oxyrhynchos, two others (nos. 2 and 9) are from the Arsinoites district, text 2 from the ZPE 55 article (HendriksWorp 2) is from Hermopolites. All date from the Roman or Byzantine era: the oldest one is from the second century, the youngest from the sixth or seventh century...

The papyri presented in our digital collection are those described in the original 1933 catalogue by A.G.Roos, by  Hendriks, Parsons and Worp in ZPE 41 (1981) and by Hendriks and Worp in ZPE 55 (1984). Each number is displayed with photographs and pdf’s of the original publication and a short document description. Detailed information is furthermore found on the Trismegistos website, the interdisciplinary portal  for papyrological and epigraphical resources. Papyri are provided with a TM (Trismegistos) number, a DDbDP (Duke Data Bank of Documentary Papyri) number, or a LDAB (Leuven Database of Ancient Books) number. Documentation of most of the Groningen papyri is also found in the HGV (Heidelberger Gesamtverzeichnis der griechischen Papyrusurkunden Aegyptens). In the notes one finds later references to the papyri displayed, as mentioned in the ''Berichtigingsliste der Griechischen Papyrusurkunden aus Aegypten: Konkordanz und Supplement zu Band I-VII', and 'Berichtigungsliste der Griechischen Papyrusurkunden aus Aegypten Band II Konkordanz und Supplement zu Band VIII-XI'.

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