Monday, October 31, 2011

Reconstructions of Cimmerian Bosporus Painted Crypts

Spartokos a lu brings us information on 3D crypts from the Cimmerian Bosporus:

 and a paper in English

3D Reconstructions of Cimmerian Bosporus Painted Crypts
By Elena Logdacheva, Yuri Vinogradov, Sergei Shvemberger, Nikolay Borisov
The authors present 3d reconstructions of the painted tombs of Cimmerian Bosporus, state, which
existed in the North Black Sea area in VI century B.C. - V century A.D. Crypts, was found and
investigated by Russian historians in second half of XIX - beginning of XX centuries.
Reconstructions are executed on the basis the archive materials, which are stored in the Institute
of Material Culture of Russian Academy of Sciences in St.-Petersburg. Crypts were lost because of
political events at the beginning of XX century. Of special interest among available material, on
basis of which was conducted computer reconstruction, are the aquarelles and gouaches of
Russian artists XIX - XX of centuries The computer reconstructions of crypts are executed with the
aid of the application 3Ds Max.
With the visual materials of Cimmerian Bosporus Painted Crypts project it is possible to become
acquainted on project’s site (in Russian) and on the site

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