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Open Access Journal: History Studies

History Studies: International Journal of History
ISSN: 1309 4173 (Online)  1309 - 4688 (Print)
The History Studies (HS) is an international, peer-reviewed online history journal.  All submitted articles go through a rigorous double-blind review.

The HS is published three times a year.

The HS has a worldwide circulation. A limited number of each issue is printed and delivered to selected libraries.

The HS publishes academic articles, interviews, translations and book reviews.

The HS accepts papers in every geographical and historical period of history from the ancient times to present.  The editorial board members and referees of the HS have a wide range of expertise.  

The primary publication language of the HS is Turkish of Turkey.  The HS also accepts submissions in other Turkish dialects, in English, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish.

The official editor and owner of the History Studies is Osman KOSE but the journal is regarded as a joint periodical of all historians.  All the contributors, writers, editors and referees of the journal are historians.

The HS is a common meeting place of historians regardless of their area or period of concentration.

The HS has a guest editor system.  The HS aims to release a special issue at least once a year with a selected theme and a guest editor.  For guest editorship and special issue ideas please contact us at

The HS is an independent academic journal. It has no affiliation with an institution or an organization.
 Recent Issues:
History Studies Volume 3 Issue 1 - March 2011

In this issue, there will be 15 articles,3 book reviews and an assessment essay. The articles contain the subjects that cover Ancient History, The Seljuk State, The ottoman State and history of early period Republic of Turkey. We hope you will enjoy reading and make best use of the issue. This issue has been published in the guest-editorship of Prof. Dr. Dursun Ali Akbulut
HISTORY STUDIES Ortadoğu Özel Sayısı / Middle East Special Issue – 2010

We are happy to present you the Middle East special issue of History Studies. This special issue was preparered with the co-guest editorship of Professor Dr. William W. Haddad from California State University-Fullerton and Professor Dr. Mustafa Ozturk from Firat University. Twenty two articles, two book reviews and a commentary in this issue cover different aspects of the Middle East history from past to present. We hope you will enjoy reading them.

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  1. To Whomsoever it may concern,

    I am an aged (78+) solitary scholar with little resources but I keep the subject constantly before me and wait till the first dawning open little by little into the full light. As such the ideas presented by me is to be followed up by other scholars in the field. I have presented inabsentia and sent my ideas in the form of letters to the local fortnightly which I believe contain information which hitherto overlooked by the scholars of various disciplines of history.
    The following is the list of artuicles which can be provided by me on request.
    An Outline for Research in Prehistory of India, International Symposium on Indus Civilization and Tamil Language, 15 &16-2-2007, Chennai. India.
    Overlooked Clues of Ancient History : International Conference on Indian History,ICIH 2009, January 9-11, 2009, New Delhi., India.
    Indus Seals and Human Evolution: International Conference on Indian History,ICIH 2009, January 9-11, 2009. New Delhi, India.
    Mesopotamia and South Indians: South Indian History Congress-32 - February 3rd to 5th, 2012, University of Madras,Chennai, Tamilnadu.India.
    The Age of Vedas?: 15th India Conference of WAVES. March 14-17, 2012., Haridwar, India.
    The Time Abraham Lived?
    The Finland connection?

    With best wishes,
    Yours truly,

    B.E., MSc(Engg)(IISc) F.I.E., FIV
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    Chennai – 600 073. India.
    Dated: April 30 21, 2011,
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