Thursday, July 7, 2011

Buddhist Place Names Authorities

Place authority data available for download

Posted by marcus.bingenheimer on 2011/07/07

Over the last few years we have worked on an authority database of Buddhist place names. Building on a large database of historical place names provided by the Center of Geographic Information Science at Academia Sinica, we have added some 18,000 entries of mainly Buddhist places. In April we imported c. 6000 entries from the Database of Taiwanese Buddhist Temples into the authority and recently we have decided to publish the data that we have contributed.

The zip-archive provided here includes those entries of the place authority database that were created by DDBC (c.15.000). The archive is distributed as XML/TEI file. The complete database is accessible through the online interface and API. It contains an additional 38.000 entries that were provided by Academia Sinica.

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