Monday, July 25, 2011

A New Parthian Chronographic Document Online

Chronographic document concerning Bagayasha (BCHP 18)
The Bagayasha Chronicle, combined. Photos Bert van der Spek. BCHP 18: Bagayasha Chronicle, fragments A and B combined
(British Museum).
The Babylonian Chronographic document concerning Bagayasha ("Bagayasha Chronicle"; BCHP 18) is one of the historiographical texts from ancient Babylonia. It describes a punitive action by a Parthian prince against the city of Babylon, and its consequences. For a very brief introduction to the literary genre of chronicles, go here. The cuneiform tablets are
  • A: BM 35229+35518+35621 (Sp. II 792 + Sp. III 24+27)
  • B: BM 35189+46018+46216 (Sp. III, 295+81-7-6,464+81-7-6,678)
They can be found in the British Museum. On this website, a first reading is proposed by Bert van der Spek of the Free University of Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Irving Finkel of the British Museum.* Please notice that this is a preliminary edition. This web publication is intended to invite suggestions for better readings, comments and interpretations (go here to contact Van der Spek).

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