Sunday, February 4, 2018

PACE: Project on Ancient Cultural Engagement

[First posted in AWOL 17 October 2013, updated (new URLs) 4 February 2018]

PACE: Project on Ancient Cultural Engagement
Welcome to the Project on Ancient Cultural Engagement. The links below offer a brief outline of the Project's aims and rationale, structure, and main features. This is only by way of quick orientation, however. The best way to get to know the site is to explore it on your own. Whatever the level and scale of your interest, we hope that you will benefit from this resource on the web.

Steve Mason, PACE Lead Investigator

Texts and Commentary

On cultural intersection, including Josephus and Polybius, with commentary


Index with high-resolution aerial images, flyovers, and photos


Index of archaeological reports on key sites.

Scholarly Studies

Scholarly treatments in on-line books, articles, and essays


Annotated bibliography to Flavius Josephus, with links

Dissertation Central

Recent and forthcoming dissertations related to issues featured on this site

History of Reception

Follow the ways in which the seminal texts have been used in western history

Textual Parallels

Compare specific passages within an author's corpus or between two authors