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Holy Land Photos

Holy Land Photos
Purpose of
The purpose of is to make images from the lands of the Bible available free to the general public. Our emphasis is upon the images. The text accompanying the image is meant to be helpful in identifying what one is looking at in the image and to comment briefly about the significance of the image, but the text is not intended to be exhaustive. The interested person should pursue avenues of interest in relevant dictionaries and encyclopedias.
The site has been conceived, developed, and maintained on a volunteer basis by Dr. Carl Rasmussen and Jesse Gavin (see below). Carl Rasmussen provides all photos unless otherwise noted.
Please note — this is a GROWING site. Images are being added to it weekly.
Use of the Web Site
Classroom  — For those with classroom connections to the internet, you can merely log on to and click away to show images to your class.  You are invited to include references/links to the web site in your syllabai and web pages that you maintain - so that your students can access the site for study purposes.
Bible Study  — can be used by those studying the Bible. As you become interested in various places check to see if images of the place or area that you are studying are available in the digital database. This can be done by checking the site list, using the search feature, or browsing by country and region.
Digital Presentations — The images in the are not just for viewing, but are available for you to download and use in your digital presentations: in the classroom, in churches, in synagogues, in religious schools, etc. For downloading permission click here.
Current and Anticipated Coverage of
The current coverage of this web site includes archaeological sites and views in Israel, Turkey, Greece, Jordan, and Lebanon. About 40-50 images are being added weekly.  You are invited to register here for occasional announcements on image additions.
The Images
The images in the database are JPEG format.  It has not been possible to be entirely consistent with image size or quality. We will be entering our best quality images, and will be upgrading images as better ones become available.  Look in the lower left portion of the page to click to download the best available version of an image.
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