Saturday, May 23, 2015

IconAegean: Exploring Aegean Iconography

IconAegean: Exploring Aegean Iconography
I feel privileged to have spent many years researching, writing about and sharing my knowledge of the seals, signet rings and sealings that are part of a golden age of art in the Bronze Age Aegean.

You are invited to explore the subject through my lectures and publications as well as through my databases of the iconography of the seal images.
                                                                                                                                       Janice L Crowley
The IconAegean Database will hold images and data on all the seals published in the Corpus der minoischen und mykenischen Siegel (CMS). The seal data will be set out in the same format as in the IconAData Database and will use the standard vocabulary as set out in the IconADict Database and the book The Iconography of Aegean Seals. The IconAegean Database will provide for the ordering of the seal material according to iconographic criteria (a first in Aegean iconographic studies) and allow multi-termed searching across its database fields.

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