Sunday, March 10, 2013

Open Access Journal: Mythological Studies

Mythological Studies Journal
Pacifica Graduate Institute's program in Mythological Studies explores the understanding of human experience revealed in mythology and in the manifold links between myth and ritual, literature, art, and religious experience. Special attention is given to depth psychology and archetypal approaches to the study of myth. 
The Mythological Studies Program is a doctoral program designed as an integrated M.A./ Ph.D. sequence with coursework in three areas of study:
  • Mythology and Religious Traditions
  • Myth, Literature, and Culture
  • Depth Psychology and Research. 
The Mythological Studies Journal of Pacifica Graduate Institute is a student journal and features writing by students currently enrolled in Pacifica's Mythological Studies programs. In addition, a peer-review board of students is responsible for selecting and reviewing writing for publication. The goals of the project are:
  1. To create a forum for the academic discussion of Mythology;
  2. To provide a working model for the process of revision and publication;
  3. And, to engage in an extended conversation with a professional community of scholars.


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