Monday, July 12, 2010

Mandaean Gnostic Texts Online

Brian Mubaraki is developing the site Mandaean Gnosticism: research, publications and debate, where he is providing access to pdfs of Mandaic texts.
... In the early part of the 1990′s, while at university, I embarked on creating a set of Mandaic computer fonts with the aim of reproducing the then hand written or microfilmed surviving Mandaic texts into printed format. The printed format has marked advantages over the handwritten texts including easy editing, clearer more consistent and reproducible text. In 1998 we completed the reproduction of the Ginza Rba, to my knowledge, at the time this was the first work of its kind. Today, my work with the reproduction of the Mandaic publications continues – without the associated noise, the back slapping or pomp and ceremony of my contemporaries.

In the following pages I have provided PDF copies of the Mandaic texts reproduced thus far. These texts are available in other formats both electronic and hardcopy. Please contact me if more information is required...

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