Thursday, July 22, 2010
logoatorg is an autonomous, archaeological, international editorial project, created and managed by the A.T.P.G. Society, an Italian Archaeological Association composted by doctoral, MA and BA students.
The Project is scientific and didactic.
It consists of the following editorial sections within the website
The overall aim of the Project is to create a new space of research and debate, open to young researchers and students in archaeology, to develop their instruments, approaches and knowledge in a sharing, free and open access environment.
The objectives of the Project are to:
- Share prehistoric and protohistoric archaeological information and research with the Open Access philosophy.
- Assure that Prehistoric and Protohistoric research become more user friendly and widely accessible than any printed paper, considering the free of charge aspect of this way of communication.
- Assure free publication and visibility to Experimental Archaeology.
- Give to graduates the possiblity of publishing their dissertations, free of charge, and to guarantee the complete intellectual property of their work with the use of Creative Commons Licenses.

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