Monday, November 30, 2009

Eleven More Open Access Journals

Cave Archaeology And Palaeontology Research Archive
ISSN 1467-8837

Published is the journal "Georgian Antiquities", in collaboration with G. Chubinashvili Institute of History of Georgian Art of the Academy of Sciences of Georgia. Its editorial board comprises Western and Georgian specialists. The journal presents: new publications, documentation and photographs, schemes, etc. on unknown or forgotten monuments; new interpretation of the known monuments or phenomena; significant unpublished archival material, etc. The journal is issued quarterly in Georgia, once a year the whole material is published in English. Editors of the journal will be pleased to receive articles from the Western scholars on diverse aspects of the Near Eastern, Western European and Georgian art.

CIRCAEA The journal/Bulletin of the Association for Environmental Archaeology (1983-1996). It was superceded in 1997 by the journal, Environmental Archaeology: The journal of human palaeoecology.
The AEA promotes the advancement of the study of human interaction with the environment in the past through archaeology and related disciplines. We hold annual conferences and other meetings, produce a quarterly newsletter for members, and publish our conference monographs, as well as our journal - Environmental Archaeology: The journal of human palaeoecology. AEA membership is open to all those actively involved or interested in any aspect of environmental archaeology.
Georgian Antiquities - Sakʻartʻvelos siżveleni

Georgian Cultural Heritage Information Centre (GCHIC) is a Non-Governmental Organisation aimed at obtaining and keeping archive of the qualified information on diverse branches of the Georgian cultural heritage, as well as ensuring accessibility and availability of this information through scholarly and popular publications, exhibitions, electronic network, etc. GCHIC organises research-recording expeditions throughout Georgia and to the Georgian cultural heritage sites abroad; processes information based on typology, chronology, geography - in the form of ID cards, lists, annotations, etc.; disseminates information on the site facing the danger of vanish or damage; ensures protective measures on the unique and endangered heritage sites; supports interested individuals (teams) and professionals in obtaining better knowledge on significant well-known as well as less-known Georgian cultural heritage sites

The Heroic Age. A Journal of Early Medieval Northwestern Europe
ISSN 1526-1867

The Heroic Age is dedicated to the exploration all aspects of early medieval Northwestern Europe, from a variety of vantage points and disciplines from the beginning of the fourth century through the beginning of the thirteenth. By bringing various points of view to the table, we hope to open new vistas of investigation and strengthen ties among early medieval studies and its popular bases. The title "Heroic Age" is applicable to literary, historical, folkloric studies and the material culture that lies behind the people who lived, wrote, and championed their beliefs and created cultures in the period. We will strive to understand and promote understanding of this dynamic early medieval period.

Herculaneum Archaeology. (The Friends of Herculaneum Society)

HEPHAISTOS: New Approaches in Classical Archaeology and related Fields / Kritische Zeitschrift zu Theorie und Praxis der Archäologie und angrenzender Gebiet
ISSN 0174-2086

GLYPHS: The Monthly Newsletter of the Arizona Archaeological and Historical Society, An Affiliate of the Arizona State Museum, University of Arizona

The Orissa Historical Research Journal

Past: The Newsletter of The Prehistoric Society

The Prehistoric Society: Book Reviews

Vestiges. The monthly Newsletter of URARA, the Utah Rock Art Research Association

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