Sunday, November 29, 2009

Five More Open Access Journals

Roman Legal Tradition: A Journal of Ancient Medieval and Modern Civil Law
ISSN 1943-6483
Roman Legal Tradition is a peer-reviewed journal published online by the Ames Foundation and the University of Glasgow School of Law. ISSN 1943-6483.
The journal aims to promote the study of the civilian tradition in English. The editors welcome contributions on any aspect of the civilian tradition in ancient, medieval, and modern law.
All articles and reviews published in Roman Legal Tradition are available from this site free of charge. In addition, all articles and reviews are also available to subscribers of HeinOnline. We encourage readers to use and distribute these materials as they see fit, but ask readers not to make any commercial use of these materials without seeking the consent of the editors and relevant authors.
The first three volumes were published by the Roman Law Society of America, with the support of the University of Kansas Law School, and appeared both online and in print under ISSN 1551-1375. Back issues of Volumes Two and Three are available from from the link to the left.
The journal is edited by Charles Donahue, Jr. (Harvard Law School), M.H. Hoeflich (University of Kansas School of Law) and Ernest Metzger (University of Glasgow School of Law). General enquiries to: Prof Ernest Metzger, University of Glasgow School of Law, Glasgow G12 8QQ, United Kingdom.

Hey!Zeus! The Yale Undergraduate Journal of Classics

Founded in 2000 by two classical civilization majors, Charlie Edel and Samuel Butt, Hey! Zeus! is the Yale Undergraduate Journal of the Classics. Twice every academic year we publish undergraduate writings on all areas of western antiquity, from history and archaeology to literature and philosophy.
Brown Classical Journal

The Brown Classical Journal was founded in 1984 by Professor Alison Goddard Elliott, who nurtured the editors and contributors of that first volume as Faculty Editor. Sadly, the volume was dedicated to her memory. Susan Hueck Allen, then a graduate student, designed the logo for the journal, which was used for the first eleven volumes. The BCJ is published annually and typically is printed in the spring.
The purpose of the BCJ, as explained in the editorial statement of Volume 1, is "to encourage and to reward well written essays by students of the Classics at Brown University."

Asia Major

Asia Major, Third Series (issued semi-annually), is published by the Institute of History and Philology of the Academia Sinica, Taiwan. It is a continuation of Asia Major, New Series, published in England from 1949 to 1975. It covers all periods of Chinese history, literature, ideas, and culture in general. Included are the histories and cultures of other East and Central Asian peoples in their relations with China.

The PARI Journal (Pre-Columbian Art Research Institute)

The primary purpose of the Pre-Columbian Art Research Institute is to support and carry on research and exploration of Mesoamerican civilizations, their art, archaeology and glyphic texts, as well as research concerning the tropical environment and its ancient monuments.

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