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Beyond Cyprus: Investigating Cypriot Connectivity in the Mediterranean from the Late Bronze Age to the End of the Classical Period

Giorgos Bourogiannis
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This volume is largely based on papers presented at the international conference “Beyond Cyprus: Investigating Cypriot Connectivity in the Mediterranean from the Late Bronze Age to the End of the Classical Period”, that was held digitally on 8–11 December 2020, under the auspices of the Institute of Historical Research of the National Hellenic Research Foundation.

The conference was organised by the editor of the volume as part of a postdoctoral research project under the same name (acronym CyCoMed), funded by the Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation (HFRI) and the General Secretariat for Research and Innovation (GSRI) within the framework of the first HFRI advertisement for postdoctoral research projects, under grant agreement no. 481.

The principal research questions treated in the volume are closely related to the examination and interpretation of Cypriot archaeological, epigraphic and numismatic evidence from extra-insular sites, as well as to the definition of the role Cypriots may have played as participants in the maritime contacts of the ancient Mediterranean. All 41 papers contained in this volume were externally reviewed and revised for publication. They cover a time range that spans approximately the Middle Bronze Age to the Roman period (early second millennium BC to ca AD 300). Equally numerous are the geographic entities examined, covering a large area, from the eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea to the Iberian Peninsula, thus providing an overview of Cypriot evidence throughout the Mediterranean.

ISSN: 2623-3428 (digital), 2623-3436 (print)

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Robin Osborne Cypriot connectivity in the Mediterranean (21-22)

Jennifer M. Webb Cyprus’ maritime connectivity before and during the transition to the Late Bronze Age. The case of the north and northwest (23-34)

Eleni Mantzourani and Giorgos Vavouranakis The anthropomorphic figurines of Cyprus in the Bronze Age. Style, local traditions and foreign associations (35-44)

George Papasavvas Egyptian gold at Enkomi. Α material manifestation of a ruling ideology on Late Bronze Age Cyprus (45-62)

Hartmut Matthäus Cyprus, Egypt and the Levant during the Late Bronze Age. New evidence from ­Enkomi (63-72)

Vasiliki Kassianidou Tracing Cypriot connectivity with the Eastern Mediterranean and beyond through the trade of copper and other metals (73-88)

Hanan Charaf Disentangling the relationships between Cyprus and Lebanon during the second millennium BC. What Sidon can bring to the table (89-108)

Michal Artzy and Huixin Sha Late Bronze II Cypriot counterparts from the Tell abu Hawam anchorage. The White Slip Ware (109-118)

Tatiana Pedrazzi Canaanite jars in Cyprus in the 13th–12th centuries BC. Transfer of goods, transformation of networks (119-130)

Angelos Papadopoulos Cypriot products and Cypriots away from the coast? A view from Late Bronze Age Tell el-Hesi (131-140)

Sarah Vilain Towards a reassessment of Levantine and Egyptian jugs and juglets related to Cypriot Base Ring ­Ware (141-152)

Anna Lekka Pottery fashion in the Late Bronze Age. Αn overview of the stylistic similarities between Cypriot and ­other local wares in the Mediterranean (153-178)

Nikolas Papadimitriou Cyprus and the Aegean in the Late Bronze Age (179-194)

Cassandra M. Donnelly Cypro-Minoan abroad, Cypriots abroad? (195-206)

Joanna S. Smith Cypriot seals and Cypriots overseas (207-224)

Jan Sienkiewicz Social assemblages of things. Drinking practices and inter-cultural interaction between Rhodes and Cyprus in the Late Bronze Age (225-238)

Foteini Zervaki From Cyprus to Rhodes and beyond. Cypriot imports and influence in Rhodes in the 11th and early 10th centuries BC. Links to the Aegean and the central Mediterranean (239-250)

Konstantinos Kopanias, Erato Vemou and Katerina Sidiropoulou 3D model analysis of some Late Bronze Age and Early Iron Age swords from Cyprus (251-262)

Anna Lucia D’Agata Networks of similarities, worlds of shared practices. On the use of the term koine for the connections between Cilicia and Cyprus in the first centuries of the first millennium BC (263-272)

Anastasia Christophilopoulou Ancient migration or ancient mobility? Perspectives from Cyprus (273-286)

Giuseppe Garbati Cypriot (?) gods beyond Cyprus. Some notes on the western Phoenician evidence (287-304)

Adriano Orsingher Sailing east. Networks, mobility, trade and cultural exchanges between Cyprus and the central Levant during the Iron Age (305-323)

Konstantinos Kopanias, Dimitris Papageorgiou, Chara Theotokatou and Ioannis Voskos External contacts and a reassessment of socio-political evolution in the Kouris region during the Late Bronze Age and Early Iron Age (323-334)

Anna Georgiadou and Maria Dikomitou-Eliadou The Iron Age pictorial pottery of Salamis within and beyond. An overview of ceramic styles, wares and fabrics (335-350)

Francisco J. Núñez The beginning of the Cypro-Archaic I period. A revision proposal (351-364)

Giorgos Bourogiannis Cypriot Black-on-Red pottery in Early Iron Age Greece. In search of a beginning and an end (365-388)

Nicholas Salmon The “Spaghetti Workshop” of Rhodes. Cypriot inspirations, Rhodian alterations (389-398)

Nota Kourou The artist and the donor. The inscribed statuettes of Cypriot type found in the Aegean ­revisited (399-410)

Numan Tuna, Nadire Atici, İlham Sakarya and Üftade Muşkara The connectivity of Cyprus and Knidia. Limestone votive statuettes found at the Archaic Apollo sanctuary (411-420)

Stella Demesticha Transport containers and maritime networks. The case of Cyprus (421-436)

Alina Dimitrova Beyond Cyprus. The evidence from the Black Sea (437-448)

Anne Destrooper-Georgiades The evolution of the specific contribution of Cypriot coins in the relations of the island with other geographic entities in the Eastern Mediterranean during the Achaemenid period. The case of Kition and Salamis (449-460)

Evangeline Markou and Yoav Farhi A rare coin of Idalion from Israel and Idalion’s coin production and circulation in the 5th century BC (461-472)

Anna Cannavò Mercenaries. Cypriots abroad and foreigners in Cyprus before the Hellenistic period (473-484)

Agnieszka Halczuk Paphians outside Paphos. Inscriptions in the Paphian Syllabary found outside Cyprus (485-496)

Artemis Karnava Incoming goods and local writing. The case of classical Marion in Cyprus (497-508)

Eirini Paizi Cypro-Archaic and Cypro-Classical pottery from the Knossos Unexplored Mansion. New evidence on connections between Crete and Cyprus (509-518)

Margit Linder Omnium eorum ars urbibus excubabat, pictorque res communis terrarum erat. Artists’ mobility in the Mediterranean from the Archaic era to the end of the Classical period (519-530)

Maria Christidis Equestrian scenes from Kerameikos to Cyprus (531-542)

Gabriele Koiner Cypriot antiquities in Austrian collections and Cypriot archaeology in Graz. An ­update (543-552)

John Lund Cypriot connectivity from the Late Classical to the Roman periods. A diachronic ­perspective (553-564)

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