Monday, March 5, 2018

Open Access Monograph Series: Cotsen Digital Archaeology

Cotsen Digital Archaeology series
The Cotsen Digital Archaeology (CDA) series presents the results of original archaeological and conservation research through digitally initiated and accessible publications that integrate innovative multimedia and data links. The Cotsen Digital Archaeology series thus comprises hybrid publications that have extra online components in the form of audio and video files, data files, data base structures and apps. These materials can be found with each book under the left side tab "supporting materials." Cotsen Digital Archaeology books are published after the same rigorous peer review process as all other Cotsen Press publications, including data review. The printed volumes are also listed on our website and can be purchased through our distributor the University of Mexico Press ( The purpose of the Digital Archaeology Series is to expand the availability of data and make full use of the new possibilities offered by online interactive publication. The development of this series is a gradual process of experimentation that will take place over the next five years.
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Cover page of Archaeology 2.0: New Approaches to Communication and Collaboration

Archaeology 2.0: New Approaches to Communication and Collaboration

How is the Web transforming the professional practice of archaeology? And as archaeologists accustomed to dealing with “deep time,” how can we best understand the possibilities and limitations of the Web in meeting the specialized needs of professionals in this field? These are among the many questions posed and addressed in Archaeology 2.0: New Approaches to Communication and Collaboration, edited by Eric Kansa, Sarah Whitcher Kansa, and Ethan Watrall. With contributions from a range of experts in archaeology and technology, this volume...
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Cover page of The World According to Basketry

The World According to Basketry

This book was originally published in 1999 by the Leiden University, Center of Non-Western Studies. This is an unabridged re-publication of the 1999 edition, and the one-hour movie that is an integral part of the book. You can download the movie as mp4 file under the tab “Supporting Material”. At a future date the full integration of text and video (as specified in Appendix C of the book) will be offered through this stable URL as well.
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Cover page of Who is afraid of basketry

Who is afraid of basketry

A guide to recording basketry and cordage for archaeologists and ethnographers
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