Saturday, August 13, 2022

›Instrumenta domestica‹ aus Pompeji und ihr Design: Eine Untersuchung zur decorativen Gestaltung der Kleinfunde aus Insula I 10: "Instrumenta domestica" from Pompeii and Their Design: A Study on Decorative Principles of Small Finds from Insula I 10

Adrian Hielscher
book: ›Instrumenta domestica‹ aus Pompeji und ihr Design

 In this book everyday household objects (instrumenta domestica) from the Pompeian Insula del Menandro were used to examine decorative principles, their correlation and interaction. Against a design-theoretical and perception-psychological background, various questions are discussed: How does form support/prevent an easy use? What role plays the material? Where are ornaments and images detectable? Which ornaments and images has been chosen and what is their semantics? Consequently, the focus lies on ancient object design as an expression and part of visual culture. These objects

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