Saturday, March 26, 2022


JEMAHS 10.1, edited by Ann E. Killebrew and Sandra Scham, has been published on the Scholarly Publishing Collective (, and readers can access all content free of charge until April 1, 2022. In addition, all previously published JEMAHS volumes will be open access until April 1. After that date, one article of the current issue will continue to be open access until June 30, 2022: 


The Destruction of Cultural Heritage in Syria: The Case of Shash Hamdan Tomb 1 in the Upper Euphrates, 1995–2020  

by Adnan Almohamad  


A second article will be permanent open access: 


Harald Ingholt’s Twentieth-Century Archive of Palmyrene Sculptures: Unleashing “Archived”: Archaeological Material in Modern Conflict Zones  

by Olympia Bobou, Amy C. Miranda, and Rubina Raja   



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