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Principles of Decoration in the Roman World

Funded by: European Research Council (ERC) 
Edited by: Annette Haug and M. Taylor Lauritsen
book: Principles of Decoration in the Roman World

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This book explores the manner in which architectural settings and action contexts influenced the perception of decoration in the Roman world. Crucial to the relationship between ancient viewers and media was the concept of decor, a term employed by Vitruvius and other Roman authors to describe the appropriateness of particular decorative elements to the environment in which they were located. The papers in this volume examine a diverse range of decorated spaces, from press rooms to synagogues, through the lens of decor. In doing so, they shed new light on the decorative principles employed across Roman Italy and beyond.

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Table of Contents
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Introduction: Principles of Decor
Annette Haug
Open Access
Decoration and Attention in the Forum of Augustus: The Agency of Ancient Imagery Between Ritual and Routine
Francesco de Angelis
Open Access
Decorative Features and Social Practices in Spaces for Agricultural Production in Roman Villas
Michael Feige
Open Access
Decorative Principles Between the Public and Private Spheres in Pompeii: Contexts, Patrons and Artisans
Domenico Esposito
Open Access
The Capitolium at Brescia in the Flavian Period
Anne Kleineberg
Open Access
Ceiling Decor Contextualised: A Case Study from the ‘Casa di Augusto’ on the Palatine
Johannes Lipps
Open Access
From Insula to Dwelling: Architectural Transformations and Principles of Decor in Insula V at Herculaneum
Alexandra Dardenay
Open Access
Ornamental Painting on Campanian House Façades
M. Taylor Lauritsen
Open Access
The Murals of the Synagogue at Dura Europos as an Expression of Roman Koine
Eric M. Moormann
Open Access
All the World’s a Stage: On the Interplay of Decoration in Pompeian Houses
Katharina Lorenz
Open Access
The Intermediality of Landscape in the Decorum of Roman Villas
Mantha Zarmakoupi
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