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Open Access Journal: Studies in Ancient Art and Civilization

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Studies in Ancient Art and Civilization were created in 1991 as an irregular series which in the first place served as a forum for the presentation of the Jagiellonian University Institute of Archaeology and studies provided by its researchers. The series was originated by professor Joachim Śliwa, who was also its first Editor in Chief, and since 2010 this function has been fulfilled by professor Ewdoksia Papuci-Władyka. Since vol. 10 (2007) SAAC has become a regular yearly periodical. Until present fifteen volumes have been published, among them two monographic studies (vols. 3 and 11, the latter being Pontika 2006 conference proceedings edited by E. Papuci-Władyka) and three volumes dedicated to distinguished researchers from our Institute on occasion of their jubilees (vols. 8 – professor Maria Ludwika Bernhard, 14 – professor Joachim Śliwa and 15 – professor Janusz A. Ostrowski). SAAC publishes papers in the fields of archaeology, art and civilization of ancient Egypt, the Near East, Greece and its colonies, Cyprus and Rome, as well as other, non-Mediterranean ancient civilizations, and also in history of archaeology, collecting of antiquities and reception of ancient culture in modern Europe. Special attention is being given to topics concerning predynastic and early-dynastic Egypt, the Greek and Roman periods in the Black Sea region, and archaeology of Cyprus, due to the excavations conducted by researchers from our Institute in these areas. Objects and artefacts from these excavations are being published in SAAC.

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Articles list
Foreword to the Articles from RGT2019 Conference
Late neolithic cultural landscape in the Al-Jafr Basin, southern Jordan: a brief review in context
Preliminary remarks on the Iron Age Cypriot imports in Tell Keisan, a Phoenician city in Lower Galilee (Israel)
New research in the sacred zone of the Fabrika Hill in Nea Paphos, Cyprus
Al-Jaya Palace and the New Shawbak Town. A Medieval frontier and the return of the urbanism in the Southern Transjordan
Archaeological research in the Petra Valley: preliminary remarks from the excavation at the Corinthian Tomb
Monks across the desert
The view from ‘pre-Crusader’ Shawbak: towards a first contextualization through GIS visibility and spatial analyses
Surveying the rural village of Al-Jāyyah (Ma’an Governorate, Jordan): archaeological methodologies and first results
Archaeological research as a benefit for the local community
Tomb architecture and distribution in the Eastern Necropolis of Nea Paphos, Cyprus
A bone disc with an inscription from Marina el-Alamein (Egypt)
A note on sasanian-buddhist object of Gyeongju National Museum
Entre rêverie et authenticité – une immersion dans l’Égypte Ancienne avec le peintre Stefan Bakałowicz

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