Wednesday, April 7, 2021

The 3 Cetamuras: A Virtual Exhibition of Daily Life

Museum - Cetamura del Chianti

On this Tuscan hilltop in Chianti, Florida State University has excavated the remains of three thriving communities from the past: the Etruscans (7th – 1st c. BCE), the Romans (1st c. BCE – 4th c. CE), and the Medieval Italians (11th – 12th c. CE). While we know much about these great peoples, the excavations at Cetamura allow us a fine-grained look into what daily life might have been like on the hill. By focusing on small finds, we are able to imagine these people in a personal manner, much like looking in on a stranger’s living room.

A particularly large amount of evidence comes from the recent excavations of two wells. These wells give us a wealth of information ranging from vessels used for water to coins that were tossed in for luck. Strange halved objects begin to tell us more about the religious practices of the individuals. Playthings and loom weights help us learn about children and women. of course, many of these finds tell us about the production and consumption of wine in this now world-famous wine region.



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