Monday, April 19, 2021

Baalbek Reborn

Presented by the Lebanese Ministry of Culture in collaboration with the German Archaeological Institute and Flyover Zone​

Baalbek Reborn was created through a collaboration of the German Archaeological Institute, the General Directorate of Antiquities of the Lebanese Ministry of Culture, and Flyover Zone. The tour is offered to the people of the world free of charge thanks to the generosity of Bassam Alghanim, who donated the funds in loving memory of his parents, Yusuf and Ilham Alghanim.

On the virtual tour, you can choose to follow a guided tour of Baalbek or follow your curiosity and explore the site map on the virtual tablet. However, as you take your virtual tour, you can always listen to commentary describing what you are seeing. The commentary was prepared by the experts of the German Archaeological Institute, which has sponsored research in Baalbek since 1997. On your tour, you can use the Time Warp feature to see the site as it looks today and also see the ruins spring to life as they appeared in the third century of our era when the ancient Roman sanctuary was in its heyday. Highlights of the tour include the sanctuary of Jupiter, one of the largest temple complexes of the Roman world, and the shrines conventionally called the Temple of Bacchus, the Temple of Venus, and the Temple of the Muses.


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