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For it Stands in Scripture: Essays in Honor of W. Edward Glenny

  • Publication Date: 2019
    • Edited By:
    • Ardel B. Caneday
    • Anna Rask
    • Greg Rosauer
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    • Summary

      For It Stands in Scripture is a collection of essays in honor of Septuagintal scholar W. Edward Glenny on the occasion of his 70th birthday. The essay contributors are former students and research assistants of Ed Glenny who taught at Central Baptist Theological Seminary in the 1990s and has since 1999 taught at the University of Northwestern – St. Paul. The essays cover various topics in Old Testament and New Testament studies


      The Life and Career of W.Edward Glenny 
      - Ardel B. Caneday
      1. Some Reflections on the Old Greek of Psalm Four
        - John Screnock
      2. The Sacrifice of Praise in Psalm 49 LLX
        - Lance Kramer
      3. The Nature of Israel's Rebellion in Amos 4:4-5
        - Anna Rask
      4. Articulating a Theology of Jesus
        - Jonathan R. Pratt
      5. The Divine Name in the Gospel of John
        - Robert A. Snyder
      6. Jesus, the Church, and Mental Illness
        - Joshua W. Jipp
      7. First Peter and Atonement Theology
        - Greg Rosauer
      8. Peter's Gospel to the Martyrs
        - David D. Danielson II
      9. Prayer in Apocalyptic Perspective
        - Brian J. Tabb
      Bibliography of Publications by W. Edward Glenny

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