Friday, May 24, 2019

Proceedings of the International Conference Anchoring in Antiquity

Proceedings of the International Conference Anchoring in Antiquity
Here you find the revised and annotated versions of the contributions of scholars working with the concept of Anchoring Innovation at the conference Anchoring in Antiquity (pdf, 425 kB), held in Ravenstein, the Netherlands, 17-20 December 2015.
Please note that these papers are work in progress. They are meant to be published elsewhere in their final form. If you want to cite from these papers, please contact the author(s) and ask for the latest version.
  • R. Allan & L. van Gils (University of Amsterdam):
  • M. de Bakker (University of Amsterdam):
  • J. Blok (Utrecht University) & J. Krul (Leiden University):
Success and failure of anchoring political innovation: the case of Solon’s seisachtheia. With PowerPoint (pdf, 455 kB). Official publication see here.
  • B. Breij (Radboud University):
  • E. Bruggink (Radboud University):
  • V. Cazzato (Radboud University):
  • M. De Pourcq (Radboud University):
  • R. Dijkstra & D. van Espelo (Radboud University):
  • A. van den Eersten (University of Amsterdam):
  • A. Harder (University of Groningen):
  • O. Hekster (Radboud University):
  • R. Hunsucker (Radboud University) & R. Praet (University of Groningen):
  • L. Iribarren (Leiden University):
  • I. de Jong (University of Amsterdam):
  • J. Klooster (University of Groningen):
  • I. Kuin (University of Groningen):
What do Sulla and the philosophers have in common? Sulla and the creation of Roman Athens
  • C. Kroon (University of Amsterdam):
  • A. de March (Leiden University):
  • S. Martin (Radboud University):
  • E. Moormann (Radboud University):
  • R. Nauta (University of Groningen):
Un-Anchoring Innovation. Lucan and Tacitus on the Principate
  • O. van Nijf & C. Williamson (University of Groningen):
  • A. Raimondi Cominesi (Radboud University):
  • L. Spielberg (Radboud University):
  • R. Strootman (Utrecht University):
Brand new ancient: Anchoring regime change in Hellenistic Egypt and Babylonia
  • A. Wessels (Leiden University):

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