Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Trials in the Late Roman Republic

Trials in the Late Roman Republic
Trials in the Late Roman Republic: 149 BC to 50 BC is a tabulation, as exhaustive as possible, of the known legal facts pertaining to all trials and possible trials, criminal and civil, during the last century of the Roman republic for which some information has survived.

The first edition was compiled by Michael C. Alexander and published in 1990 by the University of Toronto Press; a second edition is in preparation by a team of collaborators under Alexander's direction.

This Web site supports work on the revised edition. The public information available here includes:

    electronic versions of the first edition of TLRR, in HTML and XML
    a simple search interface for the first-edition data; an XPath search form is also available.
    sample list-all and editing interfaces (the 'Dexter' interfaces) for the first-edition data.
    information about the TLRR2 project and the people involved
    ... and for those interested in peeking under the hood, some technical information about our XML formats and work flow.
Three versions of the first edition of Trials in the Late Roman Republic, 149 BC to 50 BC are currently available:

    a PDF version (scanned from the first edition) served by the University of Illinois at Chicago Library:
    a single-page XML version created from the source files of the first edition
    a single-page HTML version created from the XML-encoded version

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