Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Open Scriptures Hebrew Bible (OSHB) version 2.0

Open Scriptures Hebrew Bible (OSHB) version 2.0
We are pleased to announce the release of the Open Scriptures Hebrew Bible (OSHB) version 2.0!
This version includes the fully completed and verified morphological data for the entire Hebrew Bible (following the WLC). See the wlc folder in the attached source files or download the file if you just want the OSIS files directly.
A page that describes the morphology codes that we use may be found at OSHB Morph Codes. You may also see the overarching parsing principles we used for consistency.
The 2.0 release completes phase 1 of the morphology project. Many thanks and congratulations to the over 500 people that have contributed to this project over the course of 10 years!
For the OSHB Team,
Jesse Griffin
P.S. There is a companion project to the OSHB that is a basic Hebrew reference grammar, the unfoldingWord Hebrew Grammar. This grammar is based on the morphology codes in the OSHB and should therefore be easy to embed in software applications that make use of the OSHB.

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