Wednesday, January 2, 2019

aama: Afro-Asiatic Morphology Archive

aama: Afro-Asiatic Morphology Archive
Gene B. Gragg
The purpose of the AAMA Project is to create a morphological archive whose data can be:
  • curated (edited/created) -- and hopefully shared!
  • inspected
  • manipulated
  • queried
on individual browsers.
In the first instance the archive should make available and comparable the major morphological paradigms of some forty Cushitic and Omotic languages, and in the longer term help situate the morphologies of these two language families within Afroasiatic. Ultimately we hope also that the archive and its accompanying software may serve as a tool for exploration of typology and structure of the form of linguistic organization known as the paradigm.
  1. The AAMA Project
  2. Installing and configuring required software
  3. Download data and tools
  4. The EDN format for morphological data
  5. Paradigm Labels in the AAMA archve
  6. Generate RDF data from morphological data files
  7. Upload RDF data to SPARQL service
  8. Query SPARQL service
  9. Remote Data and Webapp Update

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