Thursday, November 1, 2018 News: Journals in

From the PAPY mailing list
Dear colleagues,

I would like to draw attention to the fact that for some months now  
there are been a slow start to entering the texts of editions  
published in journal articles. There are a few ZPE articles, some BASP  
articles, Aegyptus has been started.

Many of you may have been unaware of this. For the unbelievers / I  
didn't know thatters, please have a look at:

please also see

Now all this is at an early stage.

It depends a lot on you as the community to help us here. The more  
engagement with the platform there is the faster this entry takes  
place. There have already been entries of this sort, which is very  
pleasing to note.

It is imaginable, for example, that individual colleagues would like  
to see their own publications included as quickly as possible. They  
have the texts of their articles (I scarcely need to emphasise Unicode  
Greek/Latin/Coptic only), they know their texts. Please let me ask you  
to enter them yourselves.

That is what is there for. I am very ready to help. There  
are many colleagues who have had experience with the system and can  
also help.

Happy Halloween

James M.S. Cowey

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