Saturday, September 8, 2018

ePSD2 News

ePSD2 News

Beta 2, 2018-09-07

Major improvements include the inclusion of lexical data in the body of articles (see, e.g., a[arm], bappir[~beer]); marking of Emesal words by (ES); the ability to search the ePSD2 lemmatized corpus (search starting from /epsd2/pager); and bug-fixes for hiliting target words when clicking through to instances list and on into the reference-in-context, and for arriving at the wrong word when clicking on a summary after searching the glossary.
  • lex data now uses formatted transliteration in refs (e.g., ab[window])

Beta 2 RC4

  • home page now uses relative URLs so different installations link to the proper resources
  • (ES) now omitted from header and just put in summary
  • fix bug that resulted in some phrases instances not propagating from sub-projects to espd2
  • /epsd2/pager now supports searching the lemmatized texts
  • clicking from instance list to instance-in-context now hilites word in context

Beta 2 RC3

  • fixes the most serious interface bug, which resulted in the wrong entries being displayed after a search in some circumstances
  • forms table support is improved
  • instances from proper nouns are now included in top-level epsd2
  • Emesal words and forms are now indicated by (ES).

Beta 2 RC2

  • improved support for the inclusion of lexical data

Beta 2 RC1

  • First version of inclusion of lexical data in body of articles

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