Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The Byzantine Greek New Testament (BGNT)

 [First posted in AWOL 3 July 2016, updated (links now to the Internet Archive) 12 September 2018]

The Byzantine Greek New Testament (BGNT)
The Byzantine Greek New Testament (BGNT), is a new scholarly edition of the Greek New Testament. The BGNT base text is compiled from a consensus of readings from the Byzantine Kr or family 35 textform. It will serve as the comparison base text for both our online and future printed edition of the BGNT.
In the future, CSPMT will be adding to the BGNT a online critical apparatus. It will include variant readings from  various manuscripts from most of the significant Byzantine text groups of the Greek NT. In addition, several lectionary manuscripts and editions will be included in the critical apparatus. The major Byzantine Church Fathers and commentators will be cited. Readings from the Orthodox Antoniades Greek New Testament will be cited for the first time in a critical edition apparatus along with the Textus Receptus and other critical text editions and manuscripts for comparison.
The main objectives of the online BGNT edition are, to provide a online edition of the Byzantine Greek NT with critical apparatus for manuscript comparison and study. In addition, to offer a comprehensive traditional text edition with a manuscript based critical apparatus without exclusion of important Byzantine texttype witnesses. Our future hardcopy BGNT edition will allow for easy comparison of various Byzantine text manuscripts compared with other text forms of the Greek NT.


The BGNT text is available as a single file download in pdf format. Click the link below to start your download.


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