Monday, April 24, 2017

Perseus under PhiloLogic

[First posted in AWOL 28 July 2009. Updated 24 April 2017]

Perseus under PhiloLogic 
The Perseus Project at Tufts University is the foremost Digital Library for the classical world, if not for the Humanities in general. In its collection of Greek and Roman materials, readers will find many of the canonical texts read today. The Greek collection approaches 8 million words and the Latin collection currently has 5.5 million. In addition, many English language dictionaries, other reference works, translations, and commentaries are included, so that anyone with an internet connection has access to the equivalent of a respectable College Classics library. The Perseus site is further enriched by intricate linking mechanisms among texts (resulting in more than 30 million links).  

You will here find the same texts, but the mechanism for browsing and searching the text is a different one. It is PhiloLogic, a system that was especially developed for large textual databases by the ARTFL project at the University of Chicago.

You can help us improve this site: If you encounter a problem, please use the Report a Problem link that you will find on the Results pages. In addition, we hope you will select the correct parses when you use the parse window. You will see your selection turn yellow; it will also be stored in the database. The User Manual gives a general introduction to searching under Philologic. This particular collection has its own special features, however. For a few quick hints to get you started, check out the Info and Help section on the full search forms. More discussion and background, with links to paper abstracts, presentations, etcetera, can be found on the About this resource page.

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