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Open Access Books: Sidestone e-library: Ancient Egypt & Near East

Sidestone e-library: Ancient Egypt & Near East

Sur les pas de l’âne dans la religion égyptienne

Marie Vandenbeusch | 2020

L’âne, animal essentiel au commerce et à l’agriculture de l’Égypte ancienne, apparaît dans des sources de tout ordre, témoignant de sa prégnance dans l’univers égyptien. Une grande partie des attestations relatives à cet animal provient…

Textiel uit Egypte

Geralda Jurriaans-Helle, Veerle van Kersen, Tineke Rooijakkers and Daniel Soliman | 2020

De Egyptische weeftraditie is eeuwenoud. Het goed bewaarde textiel uit het eerste millennium na Christus vormt hierin een bijzondere groep. Deze weefsels zijn hoofdzakelijk in graven teruggevonden. Aan de overledenen werden kledingstukken en ander textiel…

The Architecture of Mastaba Tombs in the Unas Cemetery

Ashley Cooke | 2020

Until comparatively recently, there has been little attempt to produce a detailed study of the architectural make-up of multi-roomed mastaba tombs and the implications of these observations for understanding the ways in which this type…

Creatures of Earth, Water and Sky

Essays on Animals in Ancient Egypt and Nubia

Edited by Stéphanie Porcier, Salima Ikram & Stéphane Pasquali | 2019

Ancient Egyptians always had an intense and complex relationship with animals in daily life as well as in religion. Despite the fact that research on this relationship has been a topic of study, gaps in…

Digging up the Bible?

The Excavations at Tell Deir Alla, Jordan (1960-1967)

Margreet L. Steiner & Bart Wagemakers | 2019

This is the account of a remarkable excavation. It started with a modest dig on an unremarkable tell in Jordan. The name of the tell does not occur in the Bible, and no ancient town…

Looking Closely

Excavations at Monjukli Depe, Turkmenistan, 2010 – 2014

Edited by Susan Pollock, Reinhard Bernbeck & Birgül Öğüt | 2019

Soviet archaeological research in southern Turkmenistan revealed a series of small Late Neolithic and Aeneolithic villages strung along the streams that emerge from the Kopet Dag and water the narrow foothill zone separating the mountains…

From ‘LUGAL.GAL’ to ‘Wanax’

Kingship and Political Organisation in the Late Bronze Age Aegean

Edited by Jorrit M. Kelder & Willemijn J. I. Waal | 2019

In this book the much-debated problem of political organization in Mycenaean Greece (ca. 1400-1200 BC) is analysed and contextualised through the prism of archaeology and contemporary textual (Linear B, Egyptian and Hittite) evidence. From the…

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