Monday, October 24, 2016

Open Access Archaeology Fund

Because it is Open Access Week, and because Internet Archaeology and the Archaeology Data Service are both 20 years old AWOL urges you to support the Open Access Archaeology Fund:

Open Access Archaeology Fund
By giving to the Open Access Archaeology Fund you help to reduce the barriers to open archaeological research and advance knowledge of our shared human past.
To mark our shared 20th anniversary year, Internet Archaeology and the Archaeology Data Service have combined forces to launch the Open Access Archaeology Fund, with the specific aim of supporting the publishing and archiving costs of researchers who have no means of institutional support. We are asking you to support our efforts by pledging a recurring or single gift.

We are grateful for all gifts and to say thank you, everyone who donates over £25 will receive a token of our appreciation - one of our highly desirable red USB trowels. A limited number of special edition orange and purple trowels are also available for those who make donations of between £50-£74.99 (orange) and £75 and over (purple).

A row of coloured USB trowels OUSB trowels
Please allow at least 4 weeks for delivery of your trowel.

Fund allocation

Funds will be prioritised to those without means of institutional support, namely early career researchers and independent scholars who deposit an archive with ADS or who have been accepted for publication in Internet Archaeology. As the Fund develops, we will publish on this page the total raised and a list of the articles and archives assisted by your generosity.

Thank you for your support.

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