Sunday, October 9, 2016

Data Bases about Aegean Subjects DBAS: Aegean Cushion Seals

Data Bases about Aegean Subjects DBAS: Aegean Cushion Seals
 This digital catalogue is organized starting from the General Catalogue presented in G. Dionisio, A.M.Jasink, J.Weingarten, Cushion seals. Innovation in Form, Style, and Use in Bronze Age Glyptic, L’Erma di Bretshneider, Roma 2013. It seems useful to create a database which may give some more information about this typology of seals. This on-line resource may be a deepening with respect to the wonderful corpus of CMS contained in the ARACHNE database, concerning the whole corpus of the Aegean glyptic. In our database we may examine carefully the questions about cushion seals, and this on line-resource may represent a feasible instrument for such a specific topic.
An archive including the cushion seals corpus appears as an easily consultable tool and the schedule is the starting object of the on-line research. The inserted fields give information on provenance, chronology, material, motif and style of the seal. 

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