Sunday, May 1, 2022

Open Access Monograph Series: OrientLab Series Maior

 [First posted in AWOL 29 July 2016, updated 1 May 2022]

OrientLab Series Maior
OrientLab Series Maior is a peer-reviewed, multi-language series dealing with archaeology, epigraphy and environmental studies, relating to the ancient Near East. This series follows the policy of the open access to scientific data and its volumes can be consulted online, downloaded, or purchased in printed format.

1H. PekerTexts from Karkemish, I. Luwian Hieroglyphic Inscriptions from the 2011-2015 Excavations31/03/2016PDF
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2 G. Marchesi Literary Old Sumerian: The Texts 31/05/2016 coming soon   coming soon
3 F. Zaina (ed.) Excavations at Karkemish I. The Stratigraphic Sequence of Area G in the Inner Town 31/12/2018 PDF


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4 S. Mantellini and S. Pizzimenti Excavations at Karkemish II. The Inner West Gate in Area N 31/03/2021

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5 F. Zaina The Urban Archaeology of Early Kish. 3rd Millennium BCE Levels at Tell Ingharra 30/06/2020 PDF ZIP Ante Quem
6B. Bolognani, G. Giacosa and F. ZainaExcavations at Karkemish III. The Survey of the Yunus Necropolis

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