Thursday, May 26, 2022

MENAdoc Digital Library: One of the central components of the digital services rendered by the Middle East and North Africa Special Area Collection (Sondersammelgebiet 6,23) of the DFG

MENAdoc Digital Library

The MENAdoc - Digital Collections is one of the central components of the DFG Specialised Information Service for Middle East, North African and Islamic Studies' digital services. MENAdoc provides Open Access digital documents with regard to the MENA-region and to Islamic studies. It is comprised of the following collections:

Digitised materials

Born digital materials

All titles of the MENAdoc - Digital Collections

A new service for Middle East and Islamic studies:


Digitised Serials of the Orient Institutes Beirut and Istanbul

As agreed upon with the Orient Institute Beirut, MENAdoc hosts digitised volumes of the scholarly series Bibliotheca Islamica and Beiruter Texte und Studien. A similar agreement with the Orient Institute Istanbul will soon make the volumes of the series Istanbuler Texte und Studien available in Open Access as well.

All volumes of the series Bibliotheca Islamica will be published online at the same time as the print issue, while the volumes of BTS and ITS will appear on MENAdoc with a moving wall.

All the digital services of the Specialised Information Service for Middle East, North African and Islamic Studies supported by the DFG based at the University and State Library Saxony-Anhalt (ULB Halle) are employed in the Middle East Virtual Library MENALIB. MENALIB provides access to bibliographic databases and gives information to ongoing conferences and research projects in the fields of Middle East and Islamic Studies. At the same time MENALIB provides access to open e-documents as well as e-material under licence.

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