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Sanctuaries and Cults in the Cyclades

Sanctuaries and Cults in the Cyclades
The research project entitled SANCTUARIES AND CULTS IN THE CYCLADES was approved as part of a research grant of the "Chaire Internationale Blaise Pascal" for 2012/13 which was awarded to Professor Alexander Mazarakis Ainian by the French state and the Regional Council of Ile-de-France. The project, administrated by the Fondation de l′Ecole Normale Superieure, started in October 2012, in collaboration with Paris 1 (Fr. Prost) and the EPHE [UMR 8210 ANHIMA] (Fr. de Polignac) and ended in August 2013. Publications deriving from the project are in progress.The project has been assisted by Dr Jean-Sébastien Gros, who designed the related website and database, Dr Yannis Kalliontzis, responsible for the compilation of the written sources associated with the cults in the Cyclades (mostly the inscriptions referring to cult and cult places) and Olga Kaklamani, responsible for compiling the basic bibliography and most of the descriptive catalogues of the cult places. Dr Alexandra Alexandridou undertook translations of texts into English...

Le projet SANCTUAIRES ET CULTES DANS LES CYCLADES a été mené dans le cadre de la "Chaire Internationale Blaise Pascal" pour 2012/13 du Professeur Alexandre Mazarakis Ainian (octobre 2012-aout 2013, en collaboration avec Paris 1 (Fr. Prost) et  l′EPHE [UMR 8210 ANHIMA] (Fr. de Polignac). Le projet a été géré par la Fondation de l′Ecole Normale Superieure. Ont collaboré dans le projet Dr Jean-Sébastien Gros, qui a créé la base de données et le site web, Dr Yannis Kalliontzis, responsable pour le corpus des inscriptions et Olga Kaklamani, responsable pour le rassemblement de la bibliographie principale et de la majorité des catalogues des lieux de culte. Dr Alexandra Alexandridou a traduit plusieurs textes en anglais...


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