Wednesday, June 29, 2016

WAH: Women in Ancient History

WAH: Women in Ancient History
The "manel" (= all male panel) is a prevalent occurence within the field of ancient history. In order to combat this, BAM set up a crowd-sourced .csv file so that a list of women in the field could be compiled and subsequently kept updated through the years. This list has no one author, but is rather a product of over 100+ women and men who took the time to contribute. The map, network analysis, and interface was then built by Ryan Horne, lead developer at BAM. We hope that you use it to reach out to a female ancient historian in order to write a review, to be on a panel, to write an article, or just to read her work.

The colors on the network graph signify communities of common interest, as discovered through Gephi's implementation of the Louvain method. See Vincent D. Blondel, Jean-Loup Guillaume, Renaud Lambiotte, Etienne Lefebvre - Fast unfolding of communities in large networks (2008)

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