Saturday, August 15, 2015

Factum Arte Digital Imaging

Factum Arte
Based in Madrid and Bologna, Factum Arte consists of a team of artists, technicians and conservators dedicated to digital mediation - both in the production of works for contemporary artists and in the production of facsimiles as part of a coherent approach to preservation and dissemination. Bespoke equipment has been designed and software has been written to obtain optimum results in both recording and outputting digital information. Factum Arte’s non-contact methodologies are having a growing impact on the world of conservation and are defining the role facsimiles play in in the protection of our cultural heritage.

Exhibition about the facsimile of Tutankhamun's tomb


Immortal Pharaoh
In Pharaos Grab

Lebanon: Nahr El Kalb Project <br> <i> High resolution photogrammetry </i>
Facsimile reconstruction of the eastern end of the throne room of Ashurnasirpal II, Northwest Palace, Nimrud
Since 2010, Factum Arte together with the Factum Foundation for Digital Technology in Conservation have been running a project to create a physical reconstruction of the eastern end of Assurnasirpal II's throne room, using high resolution digital scanning to create replicas of bas-reliefs TT  held in various museum collections. The project aims to display the reunited replicas in Iraq.

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