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Online Soncino Babylonian Talmud Translation

 [First posted in AWOL 21 January 2012, updated 10 August 2015]

Soncino Babylonian Talmud. TRANSLATED INTO ENGLISH
B.A., Ph.D., D. Lit.
Reformatted by Reuven Brauner, Raanana 5771
SEDER ZERA‘IM (Seeds: 11 tractates)
Berakoth (Benedictions) 01a Brochos 2a-31b | 01b Brochos 32a-64a
Pe‘ah (Corner) 02 Pei'oh
Demai (Doubtful) 03 Demai
Kil‘ayim (Mixtures) 04 Kilayim
Shebi‘ith (Seventh) 05 Shevi'is
Terumoth (Heave Offerings) 06 Trumos
Ma‘aseroth (Tithe) 07 Ma'aseros
Ma‘aser Sheni (Second Tithe) 08 Ma'aser Sheini
Hallah (Dough) 09 Challoh
‘Orlah ('Uncircumcision', sc. of trees) 10 Orlah
Bikkurim (First Fruits) 11 Bikkurim
SEDER MO‘ED (Appointed Seasons: 12 tractates)
Shabbath (Sabbath) 12a Shabbos 2a-31b | 12b Shabbos 35a-65b | 12c Shabbos 66a-100b | 12d Shabbos 101a-129b | 12e Shabbos 130a-157b
‘Erubin (Blendings) 13a Eruvin 2a-26b | 13b Eruvin 27a-52b | 13c Eruvin 53a-79a | 13d Eruvin 79b-105b
Pesahim (Paschal Lambs) 14a Pesochim 2a-32b | 14b Pesochim 33a-60a | 14c Pesochim 60b-86b | 14d Pesochim 87a-121b
Yoma (The Day) 15a Yoma 2a-27b | 15b Yoma 28a-61b | 15c Yoma 62a-88a
Sukkah (Booth) 16a Succah 2a-29a | 16b Succah 29b-56b
Bezah (Egg) 17 Beitzoh 2a-40b
Rosh Hashana (New Year) 18 Rosh Hashanna 2a-35a
Ta‘anith (Fast) 19 Ta'anis 2a-31a
Shekalim (Shekels) 20 Shekolim
Megillah (The Scroll) 21 Megillah 2a-32a
Mo‘ed Katan (Minor Feast) 22 Mo'ed Koton 2a-29a
Hagigah (Festival-Offering) 23 Chagigah 2a-27a
SEDER NASHIM (Women: 7 tractates)
Yebamoth (Sisters-in-law) 24a Yevomos 2a-19b | 24b Yevomos 20a-40b | 24c Yevomos 41a-63b | 24d Yevomos 64a-86b | 24e Yevomos 87a-106b | 24f Yevomos 107a-122b
Kethuboth (Marriage Settlements) 25a Kesuvos 2a-28b | 25b Kesuvos 29a-54a | 25c Kesuvos 54-77b | 25d Kesuvos 78a-112a
Nedarim (Vows) 26a Nedorim 2a-45a | 26b Nedorim 45b-91b
Nazir (Nazirite) 27 Nozir 2a-66b
Sotah (Suspected Adulteress) 28 Sotah 2a-49b
Gittin (Bills of Divorcement) 29a Gittin 2a-48a | 29b Gittin 48b-90b
Kiddushin (Consecrations) 30a Kiddushin 2a-40b | 30b Kiddushin 41a-82b
SEDER NEZIKIN (Damage: 10 tractates)
Baba Kamma (First gate) 31a Baba Kamma 2a-31a | 31b Baba Kamma 31b-62b | 31c Baba Kamma 62b-93a | 31d Baba Kamma 93b-119b
Baba Mezi‘a (Middle gate) 32a Baba Metziah 2a-28a | 32b Baba Metziah 28b-58a | 32c Baba Metziah 58b-90b | 32d Baba Metziah 91a-119a
Baba Bathra (Last gate) 33a Baba Basra 2a-35b | 33b Baba Basra 36a-77b | 33c Baba Basra 78a-113a | 33d Baba Basra 113b-145b | 33e Baba Basra 146a-176b
Sanhedrin (Court of Justice) 34a Sanhedrin 2a-25a | 34b Sanhedrin 25b-45b | 34c Sanhedrin 46a-66b | 34d Sanhedrin 67a-92b | 34e Sanhedrin 93a-113b
‘Abodah Zarah (Strange Worship) 35a Avodoh Zoroh 2a-35b | 35b Avodoh Zoroh 36a-76b
Horayoth (Rulings) 36 Horiyos
Shebu‘oth (Oaths) 37a Shevuos 2a-28b | 37b Shevuos 29a-49b
Makkoth (Floggings) 38 Makkos
‘Eduyyoth (Testimonies) 39 Eiduyos
Aboth (Fathers) 40 Ovos
SEDER KODASHIM (Holy Things: 11 tractates)
Zebahim (Animal-offerings) 41a Zevochim 2a-27b | 41b Zevochim 28a-56b | 41c Zevochim 57a-91a | 41d Zevochim 91b-128b
Menahoth (Meal-offerings) 42a Menochos 2a-26b | 42b Menochos 27a-58b | 42c Menochos 59a-86a | 42d Menochos 86b-110a
Hullin (Non-holy) 43a Chullin 2a-30b | 43b Chullin 31a-60b | 43c Chullin 61a-89a | 43d Chullin 89b-120a | 43e Chullin 120b-142a
Bekoroth (Firstlings) 44a Bechoros 2a-31a | 44b Bechoros 31b-61a
‘Arakin (Estimations) 45 Arachin
Temurah (Substitution) 46 Temurah
Kerithoth (Excisions) 47 Krisos
Me‘ilah (Trespass) 48 Me'iloh
Tamid (The Continual [Offering]) 49 Tomid
Middoth (Dimensions) 50 Middos
Kinnim ([Bird-]nests) 51 Kinnim
SEDER TOHOROTH (Cleannesses: 12 tractates)
Niddah (The Menstruant) 52a Niddoh 2a-23a | 52b Niddoh 23b-48a | 52c Niddoh 48b-73a
Kelim (Vessels) 53 Keilim
Oholoth (Tents) 54 Oholos
Nega‘im (Leprosy) 55 Nego'im
Parah (Heifer) 56 Poroh
Tohoroth (Cleannesses) 57 Tohoros
Mikwa'oth (Pools of Immersion) 58 Mikva'os
Makshirin (Predisposition) 59 Machshirin
Zabim (They That Suffer Flux) 60 Zavim
Tebul Yom (Immersed at Day Time) 61 Tevul Yom
Yadayim (Hands) 62 Yodoyim
Ukzin (Stalks) 63 Uktzin
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