Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Heritage Gazetteer of Cyprus

Heritage Gazetteer of Cyprus
Welcome to the Heritage Gazetteer for Cyprus (HGC). Cyprus has played an important role in the history of many cultures. It has been described in many languages and several different alphabets, over several millennia. This can make identification of places difficult; and it means that interesting historical information may be dispersed, and hard to access.

The overall aim of this project, therefore, is to facilitate the use of a wide range of expertise in recording the historic geography of Cyprus; the resource has been designed to record all locations/monuments attested as in use in any period up to 1882, and all names used for these locations on the island, in any language or period up to the establishment of standard reference systems. Modern administrative districts are named according to the Οδηγός Τυποποίησης Ονομάτων (Nicosia, 2007, available online). Modern toponyms are given in the form used in the Complete Gazetteer of Cyprus (Nicosia, 1987, pp 1-1301 available online: see also the list of Towns and Villages of Cyprus, pp. 1303-1669).

The essential requirement for inclusion in the HGC is, for any location not yet in the Gazetteer, a georeference, a name and a dated reference; and for any name not yet in the Gazetteer, a reference to an example of its use in an accessible document, and a date. There is provision for contributors to register, and for all contributions to be peer-reviewed before publication.

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