Friday, December 1, 2017

Cuneiform Commentaries Project News

Cuneiform Commentaries Project News
We would like to notify you of nine new texts that have recently been added to the online editions of the Cuneiform Commentaries Project (, a list of which is provided below.
Thanks are expressed to Uri Gabbay and Klaus Wagensonner for their notes on several texts.
We would be delighted to publish any editions of commentary tablets you may have made on the CCP website, for which you will, of course, receive full credit.
All the best,
Mary Frazer
Senior Editor of the Cuneiform Commentaries Project
CCP 3.1.21 (Enūma Anu Enlil 21): A fragment from the lower edge of a tablet written in Neo-Assyrian script. The preserved lines explain Enūma Anu Enlil § II, 3-5 by means of phonetic glosses and synonyms. On the obverse, line 9’ is written in smaller script, giving the impression that it was a later addition, squeezed between o 8′ and 10′ in order to explain 8′. (Read more)
CCP 3.1.55.G (Enūma Anu Enlil 55 G): Although cited in secondary literature already in 1925,1 this is the first published text edition of this commentary. The tablet, which is from Hellenistic Uruk, contains, in varying states of preservation, the first thirty-eight lines of a commentary on one of the higher-numbered chapters of Enūma Anu Enlil. The number by which the chapter was known at Uruk is uncertain,2 but at Assur it was Chapter 48 (according to the Assur catalogue of EAE) and at Nineveh it was Chapter 55 (?). (Read more)
CCP 4.2.J (Therapeutic (ears) J): The present tablet contains remains of a commentary on a therapeutic text concerned with ear treatments. A few of the lines from the base text can be identified in certain medical texts (see ll. 8′–9′ below) but, as is often the case in commentaries on therapeutic texts, the specific text commented upon is unknown. (Read more)
CCP 6.1.9 (Aa II/1 (pirsu 9)): This small and badly broken fragment contains meager remains of a commentary on the beginning of the second tablet of the lexical series Ea. The two preserved entries deal with the possible readings of the sign DÙ; some of the equations are well attested elsewhere (see e.g. the commentary on obv 7′). (Read more)
CCP 6.1.13.C (Aa II/5 (pirsu 13) C): The present commentary is constituted by two joining fragments: BM 48261 (81-11-3,971) and BM 48380 (81-11-3,1090).1 It preserves remains of a previously unidentified commentary on Aa II/1 (?) and II/5. (Read more)
CCP 7.2.u9 (Uncertain): This small fragment from Nippur was provisionally identified as an Izbu or Ālu commentary by M. Civil, but as a medical commentary by E. Reiner.1 Not enough is preserved to support either identification. It is unclear whether or not the second column offers explanations to the first column. (Read more)
CCP 7.2.u132 (Medical (?)): The most interesting feature of this small fragment is that it quotes a full line from Udugḫul (XIII-XV 214′) in its bilingual form (l. 6′). Due to the broken context it is unclear why this particular line is cited, but it seems reasonable to assume that its goal was to provide a context for a very rare word that occurs in that line, KU.KU (Sumerian) = subandu (Akkadian). (Read more)

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