Monday, February 18, 2019

Fasti Congressum

[First posted in AWOL 4 June 2015, updated 18 February 2019]

Fasti Congressum
Romans used to call fasti to chronologically organized records. Originally, fasti were the days in which public events were allowed: coming from fas, that which is legitimate in Gods’ eyes. So, Romans exposed calendars in their cities with necessary instructions for daily life. Eventually, documents recording magistrates and most important events each year were also called fasti. These traditions are combined to name this proyect, Fasti Congressuum.

Every week, somewhere in the world, a congress, seminar, encounter, conference or workshop is hold, with a subject directly related with Classics. The interest generated by this period within the academic world leads to an exchange of ideas which is hard to track. Fasti Congressuum is born with the aim of becoming a useful tool for professionals, researchers, students and amateurs by compiling the greatest number of events as possible in a single calendar with two kinds of information: Call for Papers and Congress programs. Topics are framed in the many aspects of Classics: Rome, Greece, Egypt, East, History, Proto-History, Archaeology, Epigraphy, Numismatics, Art, Philology, Literature, Philosophy, Reception, Topography, Law...

Accepting the challenge of helping to transmit information about encounters and debates on Antiquity, we welcome and encourage you to collaborate with us.

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