Friday, February 8, 2019

Open Access Journal: Porphyra: International academic journal in Byzantine studies

 First posted in AWOL 22 September 2011. Updated 8 February 2019]

Porphyra: International academic journal in Byzantine studies

ISSN: 2240-5240
Porphyra is the first Italian on-line magazine to focus exclusively on Byzantium.
Founded in 2003 by Nicola Bergamo, it is currently one of the many ways through which the
Associazione Culturale Bisanzio fosters and promotes Byzantine history, culture and civilization.
From March 2006 until December 2011 it has been directed by Matteo Broggini.
From January 2012 to present the director is Nicola Bergamo.
Porphyra publishes and divulges articles and essays of high scientific value, always approved by
a committe of the most esteemed academic members worldwide. Master degree or PhD are the
criteria required to publish, along with thorough research, passion and method.
Our aim is to contribute to the transimission of an accurate knowledge and perception of what
Byzantine culture was, and of its connections with both, our past and our present. We also aim at
fostering the awareness of how much our culture has inherited from the Eastern Roman Empire.

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