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Archaeology in Greece Online / Chronique des fouilles en ligne

[First posted in AWOL 30 November 2009. Updated 17 February 2019]

Archaeology in Greece Online / Chronique des fouilles en ligne
Chronique des fouilles en ligne - AGO

Editorial project

Archaeology in Greece Online combines the Chronique published annually in the BCH by the French School at Athens, and Archaeology in Greece published as part of the annual Archaeological Reports by the Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies and the British School at Athens (which continues to appear in print in a new review format).
The project is managed jointly by the French School at Athens and the British School at Athens: data processing is divided by region and reflects the traditions, history and research foci of the two schools. Texts are thus either in English or in French, but the search engine draws on the entire database regardless of language.


The Chronique team of the French School at Athens consists of Alexandre Farnoux (School Director), Amélie Perrier (Director of Studies in Antiquity and Byzantine Studies), and Catherine Bouras (editorial secretary). Entries on Cyprus are written by Sabine Fourrier (CNRS). The drafting of entries is regularly entrusted to scientific members of the School. For the British School at Athens, the team consists of John Bennet (School Director), Chryssanthi Papadopoulou (Assistant Director), and Kostis Christakis (Knossos Curator).

General Information

The inclusion of material in Archaeology in Greece Online does not constitute its formal publication.
The EfA and the BSA cannot supply copies of illustrations here reproduced to which they do not hold copyright.


This website has been entirely redevelop during the year 2018 in the EfA by L. Mulot (Software engineer) and G. Bejjaji (trainee in the IT department).
The geographic database is synchronized with the ATLAS platform, supported and maintained in the BSA by Chavdar Tzochev and Jean-Sébastien Gros.

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